How to Fix Duplicate Content Issues to Improve Technical SEO Performance [Step-by-Step Guide]

What is Duplicate Content in SEO?

Duplicate Content and SEO

How to Find Duplicate Content [Tools and Approach]

1. Check the Coverage Tab in Google Search Console

  • Duplicate without user-selected canonical
  • Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user
  • Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical

2. Check for Exact Duplicates and Near Duplicates with Screaming Frog

3. Use Siteliner for a Quick Duplicate Content Analysis

7 Causes of Duplicate Content on Your Site and How to Fix Them

1. Several URL Versions Being Indexable and Accessible

  • HTTP vs. HTTPS
  • www vs. Non-www
  • No trailing slash vs. trailing slash

2. URLs with Filtering Parameters Getting Indexed or Linked To

3. Complex Taxonomies Creating Redundancies

4. Localization and Hreflang

5. Content Distribution

6. Generic Product Pages

7. Landing Page A/B Testing

Make Avoiding Duplicate Content a Part of the Content Process

  1. Run a Copyscape check for every new page and/or article. Sometimes pages around the same topic sound similar but there should always be some major differences.
  2. Provide the resources necessary to your writers to create unique, original content.
  3. Be more creative with product pages and avoid using the default description.
  4. Create a rule for handling URLs and make sure everyone involved with publications are aware of — and abiding by — it.
  5. Build and streamline your site’s taxonomies and how your webmasters handle them.
  6. When localizing your pages to other countries with the same language, make sure to add the necessary tags before publishing — if possible, make it into a checklist.



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Julian Rothkamp

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